SOL NAVY Assassination Attempt

by Fence

(Octavius Core) This first picture says it all:


While we are still trying to uncover details of the situation, there was definitely a coordinated attempt on the life of Emperor Clements IV earlier today. As yet, there is no official word from Ares Prime, but persons on the scene reported that the pod retrieval sequence at Oct Core station was not of the typical variety that the station sees on a daily basis.

In the minutes leading up to the planned opening speech for the Recitation of Heroes (part of this year’s Feast of the Fallen which was hosted by Clements) it was noted that nearly all of Oct space’s beacons were tuned blue.


When the Emperor flew up to Oct Core from Ares Prime unescorted, he was immediately attacked by Solrain Military members Mendax and polytope of squad SOL NAVY. Though he evaded for a few minutes, no one loyal to Octavius was present to assist him. The lack of Octavian support certainly seemed curious, as did the Emperor’s instance in approaching the unfriendly scene outside Oct Core.

Another member of SOL NAVY, pilot entrope claimed on f5:chat that it was indeed a bona fide assassination attempt.


Emperor Cineon of Cinatus, last year’s event host, was quick to condemn the attack and promised a diplomatic outreach to the STCC.


The Solrain Military system immediately slapped polytope with demerits per the standing TRI/Factional Military rules of engagement of civilians by MT tagged craft, and the Octavian Faction reduced both pilots Oct PR to -125, thus forcibly changing their ship registry to Pirate.


Note that the squad SOL NAVY is fairly new to TRI space, and is not related to traditional Solrain factionalists -Sol- Navy, founded by Pyldrvr.



2 responses to “SOL NAVY Assassination Attempt

  1. SOL NAVY has proved how weak and infective the Oct system defence truly is. I call on all brothers of Solrain to take up arms and help push our borders out and claim the Outpost and Great Pillars stations for our own. Let the red maggots rot in thier core system while we plunder there resources for the glory of Solrain!

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