Kelton Released. Morningstar Mystery Continues.

by Thane Carios

(Hyperial Station) Garrod Kelton was released early this morning after intensive questioning by Hyperial Security Services (HSS) about his possible role in the theft of experimentally-modified Morningstar missiles from Hyperial.  Kelton became an immediate suspect when he launched from Hyperial in a Solrain Pioneer tow at approximately the same time the theft of the missiles was reported by Hyperial.  But although he is Lexxor’s Assistant Product Manager for the Morningstar product line, Kelton was apparently not aware-of or involved-with the experimental modifcation product.

Lexxor Intelligence has refused all interview requests and has declined to make a statement about the theft or the modification project.

“I went to the scene of the destruction of Kelton’s ship and recovered some very minor debris,” said TRI Security pilot Thadeus “Ace” Adder.  “There was a fair amount of Uranium so it’s pretty clear he was hauling that.  There was also a mission disk but that got pretty mangled.  We still have guys working on it, though.  As far as Morningstar missiles, we found nothing, but that’s not surprising.  The missiles would have detonated when the ship exploded.  Frankly, I would have been shocked to find any missile debris even from a full load of ’em in cargo.”

When asked about Kelton’s release, Adder said, “Hey, that’s a Hyperial call.  The theft was there; his pod returned there; he has his home there.  But from what I’ve seen, there’s no hard evidence that he was doing anything other than trying to make a few extra bucks hauling Uranium from Hyperial to Wake.”


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