Experimental Missiles Stolen from Hyperial; Suspect Detained

UUNN Newswire

MSHyperial reported experimentally modified Morningstar missiles had been stolen at approximately 17:35 UTC today.  Garrod Kelton (Pilot G_Kelton) was sighted in a Tow headed for Wake Station and was downed by pilot Mayua.  It is unclear whether Kelton was carrying the stolen property, but he is being detained for questioning at Hyperial.

Kelton is Lexxor’s Assistant Product Manager for the Morningstar Missile system.

TRI Security scanned Purian Lake sector for debris.  Sources indicate that the only thing found so far was Uranium and a badly damaged mission disk.


One response to “Experimental Missiles Stolen from Hyperial; Suspect Detained

  1. Reblogged this on cor0marque's Blog and commented:
    Word of the theft got passed onto SOL NAVY, who under the guidance of myself proceeded to lock down the routes from Hyperial to Wake station. The target was spotted in the system Puritan Lake by Mercenary Manual and ordered to hold position for inspection, the target failed to respond or stop so was deemed a threat and subsequently destroyed. Any questions or information requests to be sent to the diplomacy department.

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