Feast of the Fallen Holiday Schedule Released

UUNN Newswire

(Octavius Core) The Octavius Ministry of Culture has released the following schedule for this year’s Feast of the Fallen holiday. This year’s holiday runs from 115.5.22 through 115.5.24 with Emperor Clements IV presiding as the Grand Marshal of the annual three-day celebration.

Day of Remembering115.5.22

At  20:00 UTC (22:00 CET; 21:00 BST; 16:00 EDT) outside Octavius Core Station, Emperor Clements will lead the Recitation of the Heroes, where the name of an Octavius warrior or hero from the past is called out aloud and the hero’s accomplishments and victories are recalled.

Day of Battle – 115.5.23

All Octavius is called upon to tune beacons red throughout space for the entire day. Members of lesser factions are welcome to challenge those actions.

Beginning at  14:00 UTC (16:00 CET; 15:00 BST; 10:00 EDT) there will also be a “Tasz Hunt” tournament.  For those not of Octavius,  the Tasz is a large rodent-like animal native to the planet Ares prime. Its aggressive nature and venomous bite make it a feared predator, and it’s surprising speed make it a very challenging quarry for hunters. Tasz hunts are a traditional pastime/sport of the Ares Prime royal caste.  For our hunts, the Tasz will look a lot like the Hawk Fast Transport!

In the first hunt, the Tasz will be carrying valuable cargo, so equip a Burglar and Insight as well as guns!  Once the Tasz armor is down below 50%  he’ll cut engines – but beware, other hunters might do anything to get that cargo!  You better tune lots of beacons red beforehand so you can track the Tasz!

In the second hunt, you’ll just have to compete with the other hunters to shoot down the Tasz and collect a big prize including both credits and experience points!  Remember, tuned beacons are needed to be able to find and follow the Tasz!

Day of Feasting – 115.5.24

All are urged to enjoy to good company of family and friends to celebrate Heroes past and present, and future.

At 16:00 UTC (18:00 CET; 17:00 BST; 12:00 EDT) in Octavius Core Station, Emperor Clements IV will lead the annual awards ceremony recognizing pilots from Octavius factionalist squads or other Octavius pilots who have made notable achievements — or who have performed a special service to The Empire.


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