Conflux Sentient Delivers Message: “We Surrender!”

by April Trottel

(UUNN HQ) Today a conflux sentient was sighted by several pilots cruising though unregulated sectors broadcasting a message on the F3 sector channel: “we surrender.”  The sentient was a previously-unseen conflux type cruising at 670v.

Some believe this is a trap being set by the conflux.  Others believe that the conflux have finally tired of the fight, and that we have finally won.

None of the factional governments have released official statements as of yet.


3 responses to “Conflux Sentient Delivers Message: “We Surrender!”

  1. ***** ADDENDUM *****

    Conflux expert Professor Athena ShaiDen said that based on pilot photos of the “surrendering” sentient, she believes the unidentified conflux type was the previously-theorized, but never-before-seen C51-“Sucker”

  2. It’s a trap, get that biomass in to the core stations, we will be needing all the nuke we can lay our hands on in the very near future. Mark my words.

  3. If today’s Sentient attack is any indication,the Conflux aren’t going away any time soon. On the plus side, those swarms of jelly are really easy to mine biomass from.

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