Biomass Mission becoming Biomass Mystery?

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) With Conflux Biomass in short supply and nuclear missile inventories dwindling, TRI Corporation sponsored an all-faction mission that began on 115.3.1 — a mission to collect biomass. But while this mission has progressed, any biomass collected has been disappearing from the markets.

“It’s hard enough trying to collect that damned stuff,” said one pilot who asked to remain anonymous. “If TRI or someone else is just hoarding the stuff we deliver, what’s the point? We need it to be producing nukes and that ain’t happening.”

A brief state from TRI Economics Spokesperson Sagrith Hubri simply said: “TRI Corporation is investigating the question of Biomass inventories.”


6 responses to “Biomass Mission becoming Biomass Mystery?

  1. A word of advice about self-interest: Do NOT turn in your Conflux Biomass to TRI (yet). The Tri-System is short on AntiFlux ECM modules and Amananth needs the Biomass to produce them. Quantar is busy producing RF Modulators and Synthetics for Electronics, but Flux Miners should take their Biomass to Amananth!

  2. Worst TRI mission ever. The incentives are way too low. Don’t farm biomass from flux or take Biomass from a POS or the mission will not complete.
    A least my two missions have not.

  3. it has been reported to support, the mission needs to be taken from a none core station you can then complete the mission at the core station the mission was taken too,

  4. in which case if you sell the biomas to a depot and then buy it back and sell to core it will complete

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