Scientists Debate Causes of The Catastrophe

by Thane Carios

(Argolis, Hellion) A three-day Symposium was held this week at Samons University in Argolis to discuss the event back on 112.4.30 that resulted in the period of nearly two years that has come to be known as “The Darkness.” The attendees discussed possible causes and planning how to protect against further such events. More than 200 scientists and engineers from Octavius, Quantar and Solrain gathered at the university, along with a small delegation of political observers from Hyperial (who attended via vidconference), to share and analyze data they had collected.

Opinions differed on whether the causes of the Great Collapse and The Catastrophe were the same – or even related. “The Great Collapse was a huge, cataclysmic event that wiped out just about everything,” said Kinn Torsky, the Director of R&D for T&P Systems. “I believe it was probably gravitic in nature – but it was thousands of years ago, so that’s hard to ascertain. But the recent event was more like a massive pulse that disabled and damaged jumpgates, and wiped out power generation and information systems. It was very different from The Great Collapse – and certainly much easier to recover from.”

Two groups have been formed in the wake of the Symposium:

– The Engineering Group will focus on best-solutions to protect against future events – such as EMP and EMI filters and optical backup systems.

– The Event Analysis Group will focus on identifying the nature and source of the event as well, possible methods for early warning.

When one of the Hyperial political observers was asked to comment on the symposium and its outcomes, she answered, “Hyperial had absolutely nothing to do with The Event. Anyone suggesting otherwise is just spreading rumours and looking to smear the good-name of Hyperial. They have no facts or evidence.”


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