Pilot Achieves First Post-Catastrophe Triple Optimus

by Kedra Brenari

(Solrain Core Station) On 114.12.1, pilot Comatosed became the first person to achieve Triple-Optimus since TRI Corp’s pilot personnel systems were re-initiated last year in the wake of The Catastrophe.  Comatosed began his service with Octavius. Upon achieving Optimus there, he moved on to service for Quantar – and then on to Solrain.

Comatosed, a member of the famous Flux Clearance squad achieved all of his Optimus Awards by combating The Conflux, often taking the fight to The Conflux in their own space as well as hunting swarms throughout space.

When asked about his goals now that he has achieved Triple-Optimus, Comatosed responded, “ ALL FLUX MUST DIE!”


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