Conflux Symposium Results

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(UUNN HQ) The results of the recent conclave of Conflux experts have been released by the office of Speaker Demeter Garreth of the STCC, who called for the meeting of the minds, and acted as its moderator and facilitator at Wake Station.

The Symposium was the first time that so many experts in the field of Conflux Studies have ever been assembled. With so many voices, there were bound to be several agenda items that garnered somewhat less than unanimous agreement. Therefore, we decided to release the findings using the following format: majority opinion first, then the opinion of the largest minority block. This format came  about organically as the Symposium progressed and certain personalities sorted themselves out into various “schools of though” and some rose to quasi-leadership positions within those camps. The majority opinions were penned by Athena Shaiden, Sc.D. and head of Xenobiology at Sutonia University, Amanra. The dissenting views were expressed by Carlo Adiar, MS/MBA and TRI-Corp Conflux Studies Director.

Symposium Resolutions are presented first, followed by some raw facts these conclusions were based upon. It is our hope that this document will assist pilots in their fight against the Conflux Menace and help turn the tide in the recent offensive.

Pilot D_Garreth,
Speaker, STCC


Symposium Resolutions

Unanimous: Conflux Sentient and Drone types and strengths have remained fairly stable. Sentient flight abilities remain stable: they can use anomalies to travel by means unknown, they are able to jump through our gates (infested or not), and are able to call on Drone support.

Unanimous: Conflux infestations have not changed substantially, except in their frequency.

Unanimous: There is a clear pattern of infestation that has now been going on for 3 weeks that involve areas around both Pulsar and Amananth sectors. Infestations have been incrementally gaining in strength.

Majority (ShaiDen): Conflux progression of knowledge is unnatural and seems to have taken a leap over the past months. It is likely that the Conflux have access to Tache Uzelin’s detailed knowledge of our defenses, our tactics, our systems and our security. His apprehension should be a high priority. Pilots being our greatest resource, we should employ a Faction Mission to Patrol Conflux space and ask pilots to keep their eyes open along with their passive sensors.

Dissenting (Adiar): We have seen unusual activity by the Conflux in the past that was suggestive of a leap forward in knowledge – but they have repeatedly receded into “normal” patterns afterwards. What the alarmists are seeing at a leap-forward, I see as cyclical activity. While there could be a connection to the disappearance of Tache Uzelin, Mr. Uzelin’s extremely-compromised mental and emotional health would prevent him from being an overly-dangerous resource.


Majority (ShaiDen): Conflux activity has increased in direct relation to their leap in knowledge.

Dissenting (Adiar): See statement above. If pilots are to be used, an active Scan of anomalies for residuals indicating Sentient usage should be conducted, beginning with the most convenient sector, First Sight. This is also the sector nearest to where Uzelin’s ship was found, which should please Dr. ShaiDen’s majority.


Majority (ShaiDen): Conflux telemetry has escalated significantly as has their apparent interest in direct communication. While earlier communications were heavily encoded, several recent communications have been in simple Octal encoding, suggesting that The Conflux want to communicate – at least in one direction.

Dissenting (Adiar): I hesitate to extend conclusions quite this far. It is unclear why encoding has shifted and we do not have enough data to draw meaningful conclusions. But we definitely do need to focus on the telemetry terminals and patterns.



Raw Data

Based on eye witnesses, beacon telemetry, and flight log analysis, this data should be nothing new for pilots–just centralizing all the info, in sequence.

  • Early June, Tache Uzelin is missing. TRI confiscates his vessel.
  • Late June, Conflux Sentients enter “TRI” space from Pulsar and/or Amananth. Classes encountered: c7 and c8 fighters.
  • Early June – July, KTRI is hacked with the following coded messages:
    • we are coming
    • to take what is ours
    • and create order
    • we are relentless
  • Mid-June, after more than a week of initial patrols, Sentients begin infesting from Amananth/Pulsar outward.
  • Gates are infested by a c14, sometimes with support from c7, c8, or a weak c3.
  • Pilots generally kept Amananth routes clear, but have generally let Pulsar remain infested. Those remaining infestations seem to have gotten stronger over time.
  • Mid-July, Uzelin-Rohi conversation released revealing a troubled and unstable sounding Tache Uzelin. TRI releases additional information suggesting Uzelin pre-planned his exit, and may have an affinity with the Conflux.
  • Late-July, Amananth station is damaged, missile areas. Garreth calls for a meeting of the minds. Calatorious Retires rather than attends.
  • Patrols by c3 probe have become more frequent. It has odd flight patterns and begins using F3:
    • 111 040 150 145 141 162 040 164 150 145 040 154 151 147 150 164 041 = “I can hear the light!”
    • 167 145 040 141 162 145 040 145 166 145 162 171 167 150 145 162 145 = “we are everywhere”

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