Conflux Vocalizations?

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) With the results of the Conflux Symposium as yet undisclosed, it appears that the Conflux themselves might have something to say. A fairly weak Sentient c3 has been spotted harassing shipping lanes the past few days. Data pulled from pilot mission logs and firsthand reports have confirmed that this Sentient has indeed broadcast on the local f3 channel. What has it said? Just these 1 liners:

111 040 150 145 141 162 040 164 150 145 040 154 151 147 150 164 041


167 145 040 141 162 145 040 145 166 145 162 171 167 150 145 162 145

As of yet, no ships have been lost to this scout. It’s flight patterns suggest that it enters our space from either Amananth or Pulsar, and then travels along our jump lanes and between anomalies, as has been typical of other Sentients of late.  According to TRI bounty payout records, this c3 has probed into our space as deeply as Zealot’s Refuge, Ekoo’s Stop, and Arkan’s Cloud before being turned away by pilots of all 3 factions.


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