Calatorius Snubs Conflux Symposium

 UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) The meeting of “Conflux experts” that was announced 2 weeks ago by Speaker Demeter Garreth of Solrain and held secretly earlier this week at Wake station was precisely one notable expert short. Dr. Aulus Calatorius of the Octavian Ministry of War announced today that though he was invited, he declined to attend the intensive meetings. Instead, he announced his retirement (at age 79) from public and academic service, citing personal and health reasons, plus a desire to see the next generation step up into a leadership role in the Conflux War. Cinatus Emperor Cineon released the following statement:

In my 16 years as Emperor, I’ve never met a man as loyal and dedicated to the people of Octavius as Minister Calatorius. His knowledge and service to all of humanity against the mindless onslaught of the Conflux will never be matched. Yet the people of Octavius shall remain undaunted in the face of our enemies. Aveg et H’nore, Doctor Calatorius.

In the absence of an established authority figure such as Dr. Calatorius setting the tone, we are told that the experts present were sharing information in an unusually open format where the exchange of theories and data was fluid. The symposium overran its allotted time in the conference center at Wake station, meeting almost continuously for 3 full days.



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