Sentient Activity Heats Up; Amananth Station Damaged

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  Today, Conflux sentients took the battle to Amananth with repeated nuclear missile hits and kamikaze runs against Amananth station.  Activity has heated up over the past week with gates around Pulsar and Amananth being repeatedly infested.  Attacks were aimed at the market area of the station where missiles are stored and inventories took a hit.

“The Conflux are clearly on the attack and they have very specific targets,” said conflux expert Athena ShaiDen.  “They have already cracked into TRI systems and have obviously ramped-up their knowledge about us.”

While pilots have been consistently taking out the infestations, they have incurred losses, and nuclear missile supplies have been decreasing.

In addition to the attacks, the TRI systems were again briefly compromised, broadcasting a new message:  167 145 141 162 145 162 145 154 145 156 164 154 145 163 163

This message, like the last one, is simple octal encoding, translating to “wearerelentless.”


3 responses to “Sentient Activity Heats Up; Amananth Station Damaged

    • Thanks, i see my mistake now. I tried to decode it ‘by hand’ and had a faulty ASCII table. XD

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