Independent Investigation into Uzelin Disappearance Raises More Questions

By Thane Carios

(Wake Station) With no information coming from TRI Security regarding Tache Uzelin’s abandoned ship, found undamaged in The Depths sector in Conflux space, an independent investigation was launched. There was absolutely no physical evidence in The Depths – but since the ship was undamaged, with just its LifePod missing – that was not surprising.

We discovered that the pilot who initially reported the abandoned ship had actually removed an X-0013-S Shipping Crate from Uzelin’s cargo hold prior to the arrival of TRI Security. He had never examined the contents of that crate. The crate contained several now-obsolete GateKey devices, which have little if any market value these days.

A search of Uzelin’s quarters on Wake Station suggested that Uzelin had moved out. The only personal item remaining in the apartment was Uzelin’s old dress uniform from when he served as Defense Minister for TRI. But one small scrap of paper found in the quarters led to the discovery that Uzelin had contacted Rohi bin Hamalzahad, former Quantar High Defender of the Faith, just days before his disappearance. Rohi agreed to release a recording of that conversation:


Given Uzelin’s disturbed state and the indication that he had planned to pull up stakes and go “somewhere” his disappearance is not so much of a surprise. The questions remaining are: where did he go . . . and is he alive.


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