KTRI Hacked Again; New Code Broadcasted

UUNN Newswire

The KTRI automated broadcast system was hacked once again at around 22:00 UTClast night (114.7.11).  TRI Corp. engineers and programmers worked around the clock to remove the message, finally succeeding at about 13:00 UTC this morning.

“This is not just about removing a message,” said one of the exhausted engineers.  “It’s more like defusing a bomb.  If we do this the wrong way, the whole system could go down, not just KTRI.”

The coded message broadcast this time was: IYUG6JTSI5BEA3SIIRTG62J3IA5GCUBBGEWEYZ2FGETA

TRI Security officials say they already have it partially decoded based on knowledge gained from the decoding the last message.


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