Multiple Sentients Held-Off in Quantar Gate

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core) Several sentient conflux were sighted in the evening of 114.7.10, apparently coming from the Pulsar Gate and penetrating as far as Ekoos Stop, before finally being driven off.

Most of the fighting occurred in Quantar Gate where members of Eternal Legacy and Gravediggaz bravely battled two sentients (C9 and C8 in two engagements; C9 and C7 in another) and a mini-swarm of drones ranging from C8 Kraken to C0 Jellyfish.

The sentient incursion was, for the most part, held at bay in Quantar Gate but a single C9 sentient slipped into Ekoos Stop where, once the defense posse had docked, it ran down and engaged a freighter piloted by Kytianna of squad STMG. Fortunately, a TRI-Security patrol ship jumped into Ekoos where it engaged and destroyed the sentient before it was able to do serious damage to the freighter.


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