TRI Computer Hacks Tied to 10-Year-Old Incident

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) Sources within TRI Corporation say that it appears that both the issues with the Mission Computer on Friday, 114.7.4 and the still-undeciphered KTRI announcement that could not be removed on Sunday, 114.7.6 had ties to a security breach that happened nearly ten years ago.

Although TRI Corp. has made no official comments, reliable sources within that organization have stated that the methods used to get into TRI Corp’s system relied on intimate knowledge of the old systems that were in-place before the dissolution of the TRI charter when TRI was privatized.

“New systems get built on top of old systems – it’s not an unusual thing at all,” said independent network security expert Kiner Lerend. “In this case, it sounds like there was a back door in the system – a very old back door that had gotten buried over the last ten years.”

“But someone still has the key,” he added with a wink.

The related ten-year-old breach happened when a small group allegedly disabled the security systems of TRI-R CSDs Conflux Containment Center and released a Sentient C8 that was being held there. At the time, TRI-R denied that there had been a break in and blamed the escape on a system failure.


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