TRI Computers on the Fritz, KTRI Broadcasts Gibberish

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  TRI Corporation had multiple computer problems over the past two days.  On Friday (114.7.4) the Mission Computers malfunctioned for just under an hour causing a delay in the kickoff event of Solrain’s RECONSTRUCTION DAYS holiday. Then on Saturday (114.7.5) KTRI repeatedly broadcast a gibberish message – which TRI engineers were unable to remove for over ten hours.

When contacted, TRI representatives simply said that these were not serious issues and no one should worry.  When asked if the two were related, they replied that details would be available at a later date.

The message that repeated for just about ten hours was:  NGYzNTUzNTM0MTU5NGM1MzRkNTU1MTQ3NDczMzMzNGU0ZTQ2NTg0NzRm

Pilot Ambrosius of The Brotherhood said, “This looked like Base64 encoding to me, but it translated to more code that I did not recognize.”

UUNN is bringing in specialists to attempt to determine if this is, in fact, code and not gibberish.  If it is code, we will be working to solve the cipher as quickly as possible.


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