TRI Medal Program Reboot

by Fence

(Solrain Core) The recent stir over TRI’s choice to award medals during traditional factional holidays has not yet run its course. Many are claiming that it is just an attempt to draw attention to TRI, away from the factions. TRI is adding into this mix a partial revamp of its medal system. Elle Rodan, Director of Public Relations for TRI-Corp, gave this statement:

With all due respect to the former RMD staffers who set up the medal system, none of whom are still with TRI-Corp, the old award system was a complete mess. Some medals were never given out, others were so extremely specific that they would likely never be given out again, still others have virtual duplicates, and even a few awards are just complete nonsense. In the coming weeks and months, we will be reviewing each medal carefully and rolling out a significant set of changes to the discretionary awards (such as Dead Fish). The automated awards for everyday pilot activities (such as Miners Heart) will remain unchanged.

For the short term, we are pleased to institute a new TRI tradition, that of giving out our most significant awards concurrently with the major Factional holiday ceremonies. Since the heritage of TRI is a blend of all factions, and the current operational realities of TRI-Corp are such that we still enjoy a very close relationship with every faction, CEO Garth Taren with full support of the TRI Board of Governors felt this was a perfect approach. We are not here to step on the Factions, but to assist them, work with them, and fill in the gaps, so to speak. A great many pilots fly with distinction for the greater good of all humanity rather than only for their home faction, and thus would not qualify for any of the major factional honors.

Sunday’s Solrain award ceremony is scheduled to begin at roughly 21:00 GMT, after the Convoy Event commemorating the Repopulation of the Surviving Planets. TRI’s awards are scheduled to be presented immediately afterwards.


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