Reconstruction Days Celebration Expanded

UUNN Newswire

(Solrain Core) STCC Speaker Demeter Garreth, the host of this year’s Reconstruction Days holiday, announced an additional sponsored activity for the first day of the holiday, where participating pilots will be asked to photograph the station debris in Light Lost sector and submit those photographs for evaluation and analysis.

Photographs showing close-up detail of debris, as well as those showing positioning of debris within the debris field from a variety of angles will be helpful to those doing the analysis.

Each entrant will receive 100,000 credits for their submission AND be entered in a lottery to win five million credits. The lottery winner will be announced during the awards ceremony on 114.7.6 at approximately 21:00 GMT (immediately following the Convoy Event Sunday evening). While it would be most exciting for the winner to be present, you need not be present to win.

All photos must be submitted by Midnight on 114.7.4 (that’s Friday 24:00 GMT or 20:00 EDT) to receive compensation — as well as to be entered into the lottery.

A pilot may submit as many photographs as they want but they will all count as just one submission. Entries should be submitted to The Pilot Name must appear in the subject line.


Also, for Saturday’s Search for Arcane Knowledge general artifact hunting over the course of the day, DSS and UC artifacts will be bought by the STCC’s agent at Cornea at 200% of face value. Other artifacts will still be purchased at 150%. Look for Tmolus Shaen to broadcast his availability at Cornea at various times throughout the day.

Pilots from ALL factions are welcome to participate in The Reconstruction Days events.


Friday 07.04 – The Rediscovery of the Galaxy

  • All day: Solrain Faction Mission to scan the anomaly in Light Lost.
  • All day: Send photos of Solrain Station debris near the beacon in Light Lost to by Midnight GMT. Payout is 100k credits per pilot and 1 entry per pilot in the 5mil credit Lottery.


Saturday 07.05 – The Search for Arcane Knowledge

  • All day: search for artifacts to turn in to the STCC. The contact is Tmolus Shaen (pilot T_Shaen), Assistant to STCC Pilot Liaison Troiga del Babon, who will be available at Cornea Station periodically. The STCC is paying 150% of face value for any artifact, 200% for DSS and UC’s.
  • 21:00 GMT: organized arty hunt centered around the Cornea region of Solrain space. Pilots will be divided into teams. JGRotPro and voice comms highly advised, but not required. Insight/Displacer/Rotacol required.


Sunday 07.06 – The Repopulation of the surviving planets

  • 19:30 GMT, Solrain Core station: Convoy through the Systems. All ships welcome, all factions will benefit. Route and Hauling Plans will be communicated at Sol Core.  The Convoy will end at Solrain Core around 21:00 GMT, where the annual Solrain Awards will be presented by STCC Speaker Demeter Garreth (pilot D_Garreth).



One response to “Reconstruction Days Celebration Expanded

  1. *Made some Photo’s and putted them into an Envelope*
    *wrote a few Notes to the Photo’s and sendet them in*

    *Stepped into his Phoon while whistling a Song*

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