Uzelin Mysteriously Missing for Several Days

UUNN Newswire

(Amananth Station) According to unnamed sources within TRI Corp., five days ago, a Solrain Traveler-Class Transport ship registered to Tache Uzelin was found floating in The Depths, approximately 71,000 meters out beyond the C2201 gate. The cockpit/lifepod wad missing, but the ship was otherwise undamaged and powered-down.


Uzelin’s ship was found by a Quantar pilot who was artifact hunting in The Depths. That pilot asked to remain anonymous. Upon finding the Solrain “derelict,” the pilot immediately reported it to the STCC, but TRI-SEC was first on the scene. They did a preliminary investigation, searching the area for evidence of exactly what happened, and then took possession of the ship.

Tache Uzelin was the former head of TRI-DEF but moved to the private sector once the TRI Charter was non-renewed. Uzelin had most recently been working as a defense consultant to the STCC.

TRI-SEC has not released any official statement on its findings.



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