Explosion Ruled Accidental

Thane Carios

(Outpost Station)  The explosion at the Octavia Lite production facility on 114.5.21 has been officially ruled accidental by Imperial Corps of Engineers (ICE) investigators.

“This was a freak accident,” said Darel Tassker for ICE.  “We had a failure of a pressure release valve that caused the fermenting tank to explode.  All of the injuries were cuts, contusions and abrasions.”

When asked about the rumors flying around, Tassker said, “This was an accident, pure and simple.  The conspiracy theorists will just have to be disappointed this time.”

Octavian Tri-Emperor Cineon, who is Grand Marshal of this year’s holiday, is expected to fly out from Cinatus to Outpost Station at some point for Feast of the Fallen events and ceremonies which start this Friday, 114.5.23.  According to sources within the Imperial Guard, exhaustive random security sweeps are being conducted on all buildings, factories and stations throughout Outpost sector.

Pilots are encouraged to bring repair beams to Outpost sector to help repair the facility.


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