Octavian Ministry of Culture Announces Plans for Feast of the Fallen

By Thane Carios

(Outpost Station)  Plans were announced today for the upcoming Octavian major three-day holiday known as The Feast of the Fallen.  This ancient Octavian holiday is celebrated in three different phases:  The Day of Remembering, The Day of Battle and the Day of Feasting.  This year’s holiday runs from 114.5.23 through 114.5.25.

“It is important for us to take time to remember the Heroes who have shed their blood for Octavius.  Remembering them in our hearts and in our actions is the greatest honor we can offer,” said Octavian Tri-Emperor Cineon, the Grand Marshal of this year’s celebration.  I call on all loyal Octavians to put aside internal differences and to join together for these three days.”

The following statement was released by the Ministry of Culture

 On The Day of Remembering (114.5.23), all Octavians are urged to join with family, friends, or squad-mates for the traditional Recitation of the Heroes, where the name of an Octavian warrior or hero from the past is called out aloud and the hero’s accomplishments and victories are recalled.

 On the Day of Battle (114.5.24), Octavians are called upon to tune beacons red throughout space for the entire day.  Members of lesser factions are welcome to challenge those actions.  There will also be a tournament in the Open Space Simulator at 16:00 GMT called “The Last Dragon.”  All contestants will fly the Dragon heavy fighter with the load-out of their choice.  Pilots from other factions are allowed to join.

 On the Day of Feasting (114.5.25), all are urged to enjoy to good company of family and friends to celebrate Heroes past and present, and to look together toward the glorious future.  At 16:00 GMT in Outpost Station, Tri-Emperor Cineon will lead the annual ceremony where National Honors, Night’s Blade and Emperor’s Emissary awards will be given to deserving pilots from Octavian factionalist squads or other Octavian pilots who have made notable achievements or who have performed a special service to The Empire.


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