Wladi’s Notebook #1 – Pilot Scanned by Sentient Conflux

by Wladi Rostok



*** Transcript ***

Welcome dear listeners,

This is Wladi Rostok reporting live from Quantar Core for UUNN, the unregulated unaffiliated news network.

Today I tried to get an exclusive interview with pilot elgamal from The Brotherhood. Unfortunately my inquiry was refused and I can only quote the report published by The Brotherhood.

During a combined gas mining and arti-hunt trip in the Stith pilot elgamal spotted jellyfishs and was surprised by the typicall sentient sound. On the way to the Connexion gate a sentient Kraken intercepted him and scanned his ship. The sentient was engaged by pilot xEvocatorx from Eternal Legacy, before it was able to do any harm. After a hard fight the fearless pilot was able to vanquish the sentinent.

This sounds like significant news to me.

Wladi Rostok for UUNN, your source for Jumpgate-TRI news!


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