BREAKING NEWS: STCC Votes to Move Holiday

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) In a shocking turn of events, the STCC (Solrain Traders and Citizens Council) voted very late last night to move the observance of the Alkotó holiday from the 22nd to the 30th of this month.

A prepared statement from Cristofore Parce, STCC Premier, was released this morning:

“Although the holiday is nearly upon us, the STCC has decided to push the official date of Founder’s Day (Alkotó) to 114.4.30 – the end of the month. We have decided to do this to include a commemoration of The Second Collapse — which occurred just two years ago on that day — as part of our traditional holiday. We would also like to propose a temporary truce for that day so that members of other factions can join the festivities. All of the events originally scheduled for the 22nd will simply now take place at the same times on the 30th. We apologize for the late decision but we feel it serves the interests of all.”

When asked about how this impacted his preparations, the Governor of The Wake station, Hantor Rebenios said, “Well it’s kind of a nice surprise. We have an extra week to get ready now.”

Critics have hinted that this move has more to do with balance sheets and income statements than with The Second Collapse, suggesting that corporate special interest groups have been lobbying for an end-of-month closing date for many years, and that with this year being a tough economic year, and extra week of profits could make the difference between no-bonus and big-bonus for some CEOs.

Solrain history scholars note that this may actually be the third date on which the ancient holiday of Alkotó was celebrated as some recent finds have suggested a similar holiday being celebrated on “the sixteenth day of the eighth month” in the distant past.


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