Quantar Prepares for Nowruz

by Kedra Brenari

(Quantar Core Station) Preparations have already begun on Quantar Core station for next Thurday’s celebration of “Nowruz” (114.3.20) – which loosely translates as “The New Day.” It marks the official change of seasons on the planet Quanus.

Traditionally on the Quantar worlds this is a holiday celebrated outdoors with family and friends. On Quantar Core, hundreds of trees, shrubs, flowers – and even several native songbird species — are being shipped in from Quanus to transform the central gathering court into a traditional Quantar town square where station inhabitants and visiting pilots can gather for picnicking and dancing.
“We’re expecting a huge turnout” said QC Facilities Director Cal Risoru, “We’ve gone to extra lengths this year – to celebrate the gifts Hamalzah has given us: our families and friends … this station … the space around us …”

Risoru went on to emphasize that all were welcome to this celebration – not just Quantar. But he warned that Security Forces would be on alert for anyone looking to disrupt the holiday – and that anyone caught trying to do so would be dealt with harshly.


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