JG Olympics Closing Ceremony

This is a repost of the original JGO wrap-up from JSR, posted by Fence.



Thanks to @Regan who’s judgment is keen, fair, and final.
She played the roles of referee and recruitment officer perfectly.

Thanks to TRI for sponsoring the artifact prizes:

  • EB3/2/1 for 1st/2nd/3rd in each event
  • Commemorative JGO engraved DSS medals gold/silver/bronze (gold/blue/rusty) for 1st/2nd/3rd in each event
  • TRI medals awarded to winners

Thanks to the JGO Gold Sponsors, squad Brotherhood who expanded their BHOlympics to include all pilots and hired me to organize and helped officiate when possible.

Thanks to the Silver Sponsors who’s cash and artifact contributions allowed cash prizes of 5m/2m/1m for 1st/2nd/3rd in each event, plus some discretionary bonus prizes:

  • Desperados
  • Eternal Legacy
  • Clear/RWL
  • Magoobie/=Purity=
  • The Octavian Childrens Fund

Thanks to our Bronze Sponsors who’s cash helped fund the aforementioned prizes:

Thanks to KTRI for advertising in their friendly yellow text.

Thanks to @Jump of squad MACK for hosting this space to organize, and for editing my posts so many times when I could not.

Thanks to all participants.
Without all of you, @Regan and I would have had a lot of awkward alone time.

Final standings
(Please PM me if I accidentally screwed up.)

Event Rules (some minor modifications were made on the fly).

Ring Course Rally Final (all with times completed the course):

  1. @Moody (1:51)
  2. @Magoobie (2:55)
  3. @Tezrend (3:13)
  4. Honorable mention to @Me.1 (5:10) and @ELPIRATA as the only other pilots to finish the course (5:32)
Other participants: @Ambrosius, @medic, @Wolfsfang, @dknight​

Beer Run! Final (all with times completed the course):

  1. @Tezrend (4:42)
  2. @ELPIRATA (8:00)
  3. @Me.1 (8:50)
  4. Honorable mention to dknight as the only other pilot to finish the course having never flown a tow and forgetting to install a radar (15:18)
Other participants: @Ambrosius, @Magoobie, @Wolfsfang, @Moody

Fast Transport Real Space Rally Final:

  1. @Moody (by about 3 seconds)
  2. @Infi
  3. @Columbus
  4. Honorable mention to @WolfsFang who took the long way home

1v1 Tournament Final:

  1. @Algore (first ever JG event win!)
  2. @Manson
  3. @Moody
  4. Honorable mention to @Me.1*

*There was a slight irregularity in our tournament bracket recordkeeping. Regan and I had to choose between doing the thing that was actually fair but looked fishy (and is difficult to explain), or doing the thing that was fishy but looked fair (and no one would have ever known). We chose to do the fair thing and hold a final duel after we thought we were done, but we also awarded Me.1 full 3rd place prizes.

Other participants: @Zver, @-DT-, @Horridahl, @Syfinosis, @Nathan, @-Nafcon-, @RedDwarf, @Archduke, @emp, @Newtron, @DarkReign, @Mordikar.

Dock-KING Final:

  1. @Starcrest (in a Heavy Miner, all the fighters splashed!)
  2. @Tezrend
  3. @Moody
Other participants: @prgr, @FS_Space, @Shadowhart, @Columbus

Naked Ape FFA Final:

  1. @_pewpew_ (with 7 armor!)
  2. @Shadowhart (non-pvper!)
  3. @Moody
Other participants: @Starcrest, @prgr, @Agnot, @Munney, @Tezrend, @domnakus, @-Nafcon-, @Toulus, @Manson

Multiple medal winners:

  1. @Moody: 2*Gold, 3*Bronze
  2. @Tezrend: Gold, Silver, Bronze
  3. @Me.1: Bronze, 2*Honorable mention

It was my pleasure to serve you as Grand Marshall of the Jumpgate Olympics. I look forward to hosting more events in the future. Should any other individuals or groups wish to employ my services, simply PM me here.



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