Jumpgate Olympics Coming Soon

This is a repost of the original JGO Notice from JSR, posted by Fence.


Public notice: I have been hired by squad Brotherhood to reorganize their traditional intra-squad piloting skill competition known as The Brotherhood Olympics founded by pilot Revenant, into a TRI-wide event for all Jump pilots.

With utmost humility, I accept the title of Grand Marshal of the Jumpgate Olympics.

The games, which are open to all pilots, will challenge many different aspects of piloting skill. Many of the contests will utilize either smaller ships or the simulator, and thus be accessible to lower level pilots.

Event details and schedules will be announced soon.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for squads and pilots of all factions and loyalties. The final purse will be determined by the amount pledged.

Gold Sponsors (50+ mil cr):

Silver Sponsors (10+ mil cr):
Eternal Legacy
The Octavian Childrens Fund

Bronze Sponsors (1+ mil cr):

Potential sponsors should contact me privately at this forum.

Commemorative medals will be awarded for each event: gold, silver, bronze.  [editors note: TRI also furnished EB3/EB2/EB1, plus the DSS medals, plus official pilot medals for the winners.]



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