Cromforge Retaliates Against OPL

From the TRINN Archives
by Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – According to a statement issued by Cromforge this morning, a surgical strike team comprising of several Quantar pilots escorted a Cromforge agent into Octavian space, and managed a ‘successful’ strike against OPL assets throughout the Empire.

“After the earlier unprovoked attack against Cromforge production facilities, Cromforge Enterprises decided on a measured response, to ensure that OPL and others are fully aware that all actions have consequences.

“Once Cromforge engineers assessed how OPL was able to destroy our inventory so effectively, it was a simple matter to turn this against OPL. Our agent was not only successful in ensuring several thousand OPL items were destroyed, but also managed to completely shutdown production of the OPL “Injustice” heavy laser.

“With the completion of this operation, Cromforge Enterprises considers the matter closed, and we have submitted detailed information to TRIR-MSD on the design flaws that were exploited to enable the recyclers to be reprogrammed. Cromforge is grateful for the assistance provided by those pilots who volunteered to escort our agent.”

Requests for comments from OPL have thus far gone unanswered.


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