Virus Cure Research Shows ‘Promise’

From the TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Corridor Station (TRI-FP) – Scientists working on the preliminary samples delivered to Corridor by New Dawn last week have reported their initial findings as ‘promising’.
“As soon as New Dawn delivered the samples and procedures to us, they were handed off to our scientists for detailed analysis and testing,” stated Governor Sathama Randi. “Field tests on volunteer subjects in the terminal stage of the virus show promising results, in effect reversing and slowing symptoms. While our analysis confirms Samsun’s statements that this is not a final cure, it is an excellent start, and, in bulk, could buy us a great deal of time.”

In related news, Samsun Universal announced that it will no longer be accepting notices of intent to bid.

“Those companies who have expressed an interest in bidding on the exclusive rights to manufacture have until midnight on 105.03.13 to submit their final proposals to Samsun for review, ” remarked Yar Tardon. “Between now and then, all interested bidders are invited to perform due diligence on the recently completed research facilities, as well as the preliminary research delivered to Corridor station last week. The window to submit notices of intent to bid is now closed, and we will not be accepting any further submissions.”

Sources inside Samsun indicate that several corporations have indicated a desire to bid, including Tens & Piney, Cromforge, OPL, Dorator and Lexxor.


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