Hyperial Adds Incentive To Mission

by Zoe Vexel

Hyperial (TRI-FP) – Dr Kelvin Rauder, President of Hyperial, has just issued the following statement, adding additional rewards to the current mission to build facilities to find a cure for the ‘Letifer’ virus.

“Finding a cure for the terrible virus that is spreading across Perasca is of the highest importance, not only to Quantar, but also to Hyperial. It is my desire to forge closer ties with TRI, and perhaps even one day start to mend some of the broken bridges between Hyperial and Quantar.

“We can only make small steps. There is no ‘quick fix’. However, as yet one more step towards our goals, I have authorized an increase in the current reward structure for the mission to enhance Samsun’s facilities. Their proactive attitude in this crisis should be a model to us all, and their efforts deserve as much assistance as any of us can provide.

“In addition, I am personally sponsoring a friendly competition. The person who delivers the final batch of materials shall receive a cash prize of up to two hundred million credits. However, every day that the mission goes unfinished, the prize will be reduced by ten million. The winning amount will be matched as a donation in the winner’s name to Paqu Imusena.”


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