Cromforge Announces Engine Upgrades

by Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement released today by Cromforge Enterprises, the Quantar based energy giant announced several upgrades and changes to three of its ion thrust based engine products.

“Cromforge is pleased to announce an immediate upgrade for the “Shepherd” ion thruster. The new “Shepherd” provides Quantar pilots with a lighter, more efficient alternative to the OPL “Guzzler”, whilst sacrificing very little in overall maximum power output. In addition, the “Mitoria” and “Mitoria Plus” engines have undergone extensive re-engineering to make them significantly more competitive for use in lighter ships.”

Octave Propulsion Labs was quick to respond.

“The technology behind the ‘Guzzler’ gravity driver remains far and above whatever Cromforge can manufacture. We do not anticipate the changes to the Shepherd to affect sales of the ‘Guzzler’ in any way. We invite all pilots to try this improved ‘Shepherd,’ as we are confident that all who do will happily return to using OPL products immediately after their first test flight.”

All existing “Shepherd”, “Mitoria” and “Mitoria Plus” engines have been automatically upgraded.


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