Solrain Equipment Stocks Sabotaged

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – After what appears to have been a coordinated attack over the weekend against Tens & Piney equipment and production facilities, Solrain equipment levels were still low for key equipment this morning.

“When trying to restart production of the ‘Chime’ radar this morning, the system went haywire, and destroyed even more equipment, all manufactured by Tens and Piney,” commented Governor Elia del Babon. “We are currently attempting to purge the system of any other latent commands that may be hidden.”

“Chime production is still at a total standstill everywhere, ” remarked Vivian Duvazaco, of T&P. “In addition to the loss of the Chime production facilities, our losses of equipment stocks due to this sabotage are estimated at over 3 billion credits. We have identified the culprit as Livia Pulchra – an independent contractor, with ties to Octave Propulsion Labs and Annihilitech. T&P is offering a large reward to anyone sharing information that leads to the apprehension and detention of Livia Pulchra. Effective immediately, T&P has increased its reward for rips of rogue squad Vae Victis, who were seen to be providing escort services for this attack. The reward is now 1 million credits per confirmed rip.”

“The STCC is appalled by this attack against Solrain, and its assets,” observed Ferrix Charyb, Minister of Trade. “We are, however, extremely grateful to the pilots of squad -=DragonEye=- for their valiant attempt to prevent this attack, as well as squad SoLiCiDaL, for their part in downing Livia Pulchra. It is good to see, that despite the harsh rhetoric, SoLiCiDaL will still respond to the STCC’s calls for assistance.”

Neither OPL, nor Annihilitech immediately returned TRINN’s request for comment.


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