Pilot Insurance To Be Reviewed

By Rafel Solamis

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – In a statement released by Mei Mefyeyji (spokesperson for the Executive Council), TRI has announced a major review of pilot insurance.

“TRI is constantly reviewing policies and procedures, with the goal of making the bureaucracy more efficient, and making life better for the brave pilots who serve on the front lines. With that in mind, the Executive Council has appointed a panel to review the current insurance system, and make recommendations for change. Their final report is expected within six to eight weeks, and the council is committed to enacting their recommendations, if practical.”

Sagrith Hubri, from TRI Economic Affairs Office had this to say:

“Pilot insurance is still one of the major expenses that TRI has to fund. We have several ideas for running the program with less cost to TRI, and the council has agreed to let us investigate, and make appropriate recommendations. I am confident that the pilots of TRI can only benefit from this.”

“This is merely a ruse by TRI to dump the burden of insurance onto the factions, ” commented J’on Tin, an official within the Octavian government. “This is typical of their ongoing policy of forcing the factions to assume financial burdens, without the commensurate levels of authority that would normally go hand in hand. If the Executive Council keeps this up, they may wake up one day and discover there are no factions left within TRI to pay for their poorly run programs.”


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