Olympics, Race of Pilgrims Set To Test Pilots

TRINN Archives
By Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Two upcoming competitions offer different and unique challenges to all TRI pilots.

105.01.28 through 105.01.31 will see the first ever Race of the Pilgrims. Pilots will be challenged to fly five legs, giving them the chance to show off their true navigational skills.  With a prize pool consisting of medals and almost 200 million credits, the Race of the Pilgrims promises to be a unique and exciting event.

Rumors of a protracted series of contests of skill became fact as Echo Tetsab (Director, TRI-RMD) revealed details regarding the TRI Olympics. Having negotiated cooperation from all three factional governments, sponsor companies Tens & Piney, Octave Propulsion Labs and Venurian Prospecting have cleared the final legal hurdles involved in bring a gauntlet of skill to pilots everywhere.

“Bluntly stated, pilot morale directly impacts the profitability of our manufacturing business. A contest of talent that revolves around pilots demonstrating our products’ most extreme capabilities can only be mutually beneficial,” stated Vivian Duvazaco of Tens & Piney.

The sponsor companies, together with TRI-RMD, Jumpgate Pirate Radio, and a number of pilots whose identities have not yet been revealed have arranged for both medals and large cash awards for each event’s winners.

The games begin with a processional convoy tour of all three faction core stations on 105.02.04. Detailed event scheduling will be available here and documentation regarding the details of each event have been placed here.


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