Xenobiologist’s 2nd Clone Surfaces at Solrain Core


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 6


On 104.12.17, a lifepod with transponder indicating it was for a pilot named Dari3l, docked safely at Solrain Core station.  Biometrics indicated that the occupant’s life signs were in the normal range, but medical and security teams were dispatched since the callsign Dari3ldid not correspond to TRI database records.dari3l-stats

According to personal log entries obtained by Darkspace Dispatch, the pod’s occupant is alleged to be the second clone of the xenobiologist Dariel:

Awoke, for the first time ever. It’s kind of obvious what you are when you wake in a cloning vat, a rubbery pipe down your throat (which reminds me of another story form my source’s youth… at band camp), and the first breath of real air burns your lungs like fire.

Someone cloned us. I’m not sure who they cloned, be it the source or the first clone, or even why. Let alone who did the cloning. The station gave little clues – a veritable Mary Celeste. Abandoned, but in perfect condition. The computer logs were empty for the last several months, and showing only unmarked dockings and launches prior to that. A single Premia shuttle was in the docking bay, but no-one else was on the station at all, according to the computer. I found some basic engines, and fitted them to the hull, and ran the self tests. Damned if I was going to stay in this crazy place.


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