The Fourth Tribe Resurfaces, Names Hrafn “9th Brother”


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 6


In a surprise announcement, Hrafn, former leader of the Quantar zealot group Mujahedin, was named a “ninth-level” brother of The Fourth Tribe — the purported Quantar “lost tribe” that tuned up on Hyperial. As the Ninth Brother, Hrafn will take over duties as spokesman for The Fourth Tribe and has also formed a “pilot wing” for the formerly planet-bound group.

Charlov, Eighth Brother of The Fourth Tribe, released the following statement through Fence and the UUNN:

Influenced in no small part by the Amber Fist’s predecessor organization, the Hyperial government declined to join The Reconstruction Initiative in 40AT. Therefore, Hyperial has no space force, and we of the Fourth Tribe have been forced to rely on the assistance of pro-Quantar groups such as JITW, BH, and DDZ in the past. We wish to continue good relations with Quantar squads, however, we would also like a presence and a voice in space of our own.

To this end, pilot Hrafn of Quantar has been formally adopted into our order as a Ninth Level Brother of the Fourth Tribe of Quantar. His newly formed TRI squad Fourth Tribe is fully endorsed and authorized. Likewise, any pilots he sees fit to recruit will be granted a position in the Tenth Level regardless of TRI ranking or internal squad rankings Brother Hrafn sees fit to organize.

My roll in the public eye will hereafter diminish. Hrafn’s voice, infused with the fire of Orus the Lion, now carries the full authority of the Fourth Tribe to TRI pilots as our duly appointed representative. May Hamalzah smile brightly upon you, Brother Hrafn, and upon those who will follow in your wake. Reunification of our people is a most worthy goal; may these be the first steps in toward that end.

Hrafn immediately called for “reunification” of The Fourth Tribe with Quantar and began alliance negotiations with other Quantar groups.

The legend of The Fourth Tribe asserts that 4 colony ships left Quanus (Quantar Core sector). One settled Perasca (Corridor sector), one settled Kapenja (TriPoint sector), one settled Hypsos (Hyperial), and one was lost. The lost colony ship would be the 5th tribe of Quantar, counting Quanus as the primary.

The group of which Hrafn is the official spokesperson, calling themselves the Fourth Tribe of Quantar claim to be descended (ideologically at least) from original the Quantar that colonized Hyperial. They stayed loyal to Hamalzah when the majority of Hyperial rebelled.


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