TRI R.M.D. Plans Lineup of Holiday “Events”


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 5


TRI RMD announced the scheduling of a series of events which they have called “The Twelve Days of Christmas” — allegedly named after some obscure song discovered on a rusty DSS in The Fields.  The “Twelve Days” lineup actually began on 104.12.1 with a 12-day “flux-a-thon” event.  Other events include the following:


104.12.13     Tow Death Race
104.12.14     Noob Shuttle Royal Rumble
104.12.15     Infestation InSaNiTy
104.12.16     Rocket Range (sim)
104.12.17     LF Royal Rumble
104.12.18     “No Rules” Royal Rumble
104.12.19     GM-A-Thon (sim)
104.12.20     TBD
104.12.21     Eel Survival
104.12.22     Kill the Flag
104.12.23     HF Royal Rumble
104.12.24     Single-Elimination Tournament (sim)

(NOTE:   all events are held in real-space except where otherwise indicated.)

Pilots are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to kick-back and have some fun during the year-end holidays celebrated by all factions.  Join your friends (and enemies) in one —  or MORE — of these entertaining competitions!


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