Jammer ECM Prototypes Disappear from Lexxor Facility


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 5


Shortly before the completion of the Hyperial faction mission to build a Customer Producer for the new “Jammer” ECM, between 10 and 20 prototypes were reported to be unaccounted for by Lexxor.

Lexxor’s new “Jammer” ECM is popularly described as the first true electronic antimissile countermeasure available. Rather than actively destroying an incoming missile, the Jammer disrupts the missile’s tracking systems, resulting in a failure to strike the Jammer-equipped target in nine of ten combat trials.

Lexxor Intelligence employs over 230,000 people in three Quantar stations, three Solrain stations and Hyperial . Its primary source of income is in missile systems, the best-seller being the Cutlass. Lexxor also has a big stake in various entertainment operations, as well as luxury vehicle development.


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