“Courier” Escapes from TriPoint


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 5


Mystery and controversy surrounds a recent escape of a Quantar pilot known only as “Courier” who had been detained in Tripoint station. Another pilot, Septio was suspected of aiding the escape and Quantar authorities are looking to question him.

On the evening of 104.11.16, Courier escaped from a secure detention area on TriPoint. The escape was allegedly aided by the Septio and was further facilitated by the fact that nearby beacons had not been properly maintained and were not online with Quantar central computers.

After the escape was made public, The Brotherhood announced that it was establishing a “detection network:”

“In response to the threat presented by the recent escape of the pilot code-named “Courier” from a TriPoint detention facility, The Brotherhood will immediately begin establishing a broad detection net to capture this fugitive. The net will also be tuned to detect pilot Septio, who is wanted for questioning in relation to the escape.”

According to Quantar authorities, Courier was being held for allegedly hacking into the market pricing system. There has been no background provided on Septio, although his name suggests he is of Octavian descent. Both pilots are listed in the TRI database as “Classified,” adding further to the confusion and mystery.

Just days after Queliar Neamru II announced that both of the fugitives had apparently escaped from Quantar space, Brotherhood Seneschal Spork tracked Septio, who was flying a Typhoon, from The Gurge all the way down to Hyperial station where he apparently destroyed Septio’s ship . . .


Yet even though TRI recorded the kill, Septio ended up safe at Hyperial station. Either the TRI network erroneously recorded the kill or homing transducer on Septio’s ship was tuned to Hyperial station.

“It does not surprise me a bit that Hyperial is involved with this,” said The Brotherhood’s leader Ambrosius. “If something nefarious is going on, the path usually leads there.”

As yet, there has been no report of any sightings of Courier.


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