ECM Prototypes Stolen from Lexxor Facility

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

Hyperial (TRI-FP) – Sources at Lexxor Intelligence have revealed that earlier this week a number of prototype ECM devices went missing from Lexxor’s main facility near Barnard. Lexxor currently has a distribution agreement with TRI pending the completion of an orbital Custom Producer in Hyperial space. Construction of this factory has been delayed so far due to an unresponsive TRI pilot cadre, despite what TRI calls “adequate financial incentives.”

“It’s certainly possible there was a profit motive here,” admitted Mnr Ozajar, a Lexxor corporate spokeswoman. “Due to TRI’s lackluster support of the construction effort, some elements in the spacefaring community may be willing to pay a substantial price on the black market for the capabilities of this equipment.”

Lexxor’s new “Jammer” ECM is popularly described as the first true electronic antimissile countermeasure available. Rather than actively destroying an incoming missile, the Jammer disrupts the missile’s tracking systems, resulting in a failure to strike the Jammer-equipped target in nine of ten combat trials. Although Lexxor was unwilling to provide an exact figure, indications are that between ten and twenty working prototypes can no longer be accounted for.


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