Factions Square Off Over Amananth Blockade

From the TRINN Archives

By Alexa A’vros

(Amananth) Following the recently announced blockade of Amananth by squad SoLiCiDaL, Solrain, Quantar and Octavius have all issued statements, as old wounds appear to be reopening.

“The Fa’hil Memta values our special relationship with Amananth, and we cannot ignore any hostile action against Amananth,” stated Queliar Neamru, Tahir. “Amananth has shown time and time again that it is a friend to Quantar as well as TRI as a whole. We call on all pilots to provide assistance by organizing patrols in and around Amananth space in order to keep the space lanes clear of these Solrain pirates.”

“For too long, Amananth has been keeping secrets and technology from all of us,” commented Ferrix Charyb, Minister of Trade, STCC. “Certainly the Conflux present a threat to all of us, but how much do we really know about Amananth? How much do they share with us, aside from ensuring that TRI pilots are dependent on their technology? It is time that Amananth technology is licensed to the corporations of TRI. The STCC views the actions taken by squad SoLiCiDaL as a first step towards forcing Amananth to better cooperate with TRI.”

The office of Tesios Muca (Speaker, Ares Prime) issued the following statement: “The Empire will not stand by and let Solrain control the economy of Amananth, just as we will not stand by and allow Quantar’s thinly disguised expansionist attempts in the name of false friendship. We call on all Octavian forces to interdict Solrain and Quantar forces within Amananth space, and ensure the free movement of merchandise and pilots.”

No word has been received from Amananth as yet.


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