Octavius CSD Offers to Right TRI ‘Wrongs’

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

(Octavius Core) In a statement just issued, the recently created Division of Conflux Science and Defense (DCS&D) within the Octavius Ministry of War has made an unusual offer to the pilots of TRI.

“It has come to our attention that TRI has failed to appropriately compensate various pilots who assisted in the initiate phases of the CLAWS arrays. The efforts of these brave TRI pilots should not go unrewarded, in typical TRI fashion.

“Therefore, the Emperors have authorized the Division of Conflux Science and Defense to properly recognize and compensate those pilots who have outstanding unpaid contracts with TRI-R CSD. To receive appropriate credit, pilots should forward their contracts using standard TRI communications methods addressed to ‘Octavius’. Each contract will be review and verified, and if appropriate, payment will be swiftly applied. We are also working directly with TRI-RMD for additional recognition.”

When asked for comment, TRI-R CSD had little to say:

“While we are always grateful for the ongoing assistance of TRI pilots, we are currently unaware of any outstanding invoices. This is merely a PR stunt by this upstart Octavius organization. Their efforts would be better applied by working with TRI to help stop the conflux menace, rather than dividing our resources by creating new factional organizations.”


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