TRI Defense Formalizes Defense Status

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ) TRI Defense (TRI-D) issued the following statement this morning, regarding the use of TRI Defense Condition (TRIDefCon).

“Although it has been referenced to in the past, as the CLAWS array has indicated heightened alerts, the TRI Defense Condition, or TRIDefCon has never been formally released. TRIDefCon is a five step alert system, which has been used for some time to notify TRI-D pilots of their current readiness level. With the creation of the CLAWS array, TRIDefCon has become more widely used.

  • There are no known threats, although readiness training should be performed. Risk of attack is low.
  • TRI Defense Condition 4: A non-specific threat has been detected, pilots should be on alert for anything unusual. There is a general risk of attack.
  • TRI Defense Condition 3: A threat has been detected, and there is significant risk of an attack. Pilots should be on heightened alert, and key sectors should be actively patrolled. Beacons should be tuned to provide the earliest possible warning.
  • TRI Defense Condition 2: Risk of an imminent attack is high. Non combat pilots should exercise extreme caution, while combat pilots should be in flight, and ready to actively engage enemy targets. Private and secure communications channels should be primarily used for command and control operations.
  • TRI Defense Condition 1: An attack is in progress. All pilots are requested to respond to the attack. Emergency personnel should be pre-positioning to respond. Non critical station personnel should move to sheltered areas.TRI Defense Condition 5

In addition to continued notifications by TRINN of changes to the alert status, KTRI has agreed to periodically broadcast the current status through their in-ship communication channel.”


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