Conflux Resurgence Spells Trouble for TRI


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 3


The conflux menace, long a fact of life for TRI pilots, is starting to look more “menacing.” Although the Conflux have long been a threat to unwary pilots, they were generally dealt with without too much trouble. Specialists in New Dawn and other squads had studied and analyzed their behaviors thoroughly and developed proven tactics to handle conflux of almost all levels.

Now conflux behaviors have begun to change, suggesting that they, too are adapting — or evolving. Recent conflux sorties into TRI space have included unusual “scouting” behaviors. Incursions have included attacks on faction stations, attacks on the Biomass Producer in sector “The Dark”, unexplained activity of a sentient Conflux “Jellyfish” at a subspace transceiver in Oct Shore. Conflux sentients have also been able to hack into the KTRI broadcasting system, sending threatening message out to all pilots.

While infestation activity has slowed, sentient activity has picked up — including the appearance of “Thrice Seven” sentients. Sentient “hives” have also been found in Canis, Outer Depths, Outer Third and Mokk’s Battlefield. Hive sectors have been origination points for most of the recent attacks.

On a positive note, the CLAWS arrays have gone live and have provided early warning on several attacks. Pilots can also now track sentient conflux and conflux swarms using their onboard cartography system.


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