Solrain FM Steams Ahead

From the TRINN Archives

By Icefoxen (edited Alexa A’vros)

(Solrain Core)  The Solrain Faction Mission to establish a production facility for the new Drop Tank Munitions’ Based Refueling System in Solrain space made great progress today as DragonEye forces and allies rose up as a singular force to improve the Solrain and TRI economies. Starting at approximately 22% completion earlier today, the Solrain Faction Mission reached an impressive 67.5% completion by the conclusion of DragonEye operations last night and early into this morning.

“We will be completing the Solrain Faction Mission later today,” commented DragonEye officer RaiderOne this morning as plans to resume heavy hauling and construction operations tonight were finalized.

Xjgwidow is key to DragonEye operations as their chief broker, ensuring that supplies are properly distributed and materials contributed to the faction mission in a quick and efficient manner. Her work as chief broker will continue tonight as the faction mission, profit willing, is completed in the name of Solrain, all of TRI, and economic prosperity for us all.

We at SNN would like to encourage all members of TRI interested in Solrain and TRI’s economic prosperity to participate in Dragoneye’s quest to complete the Solrain Faction Mission tonight.

This is your correspondent John “Icefoxen” Robertson at Wake Station, signing off.

This story was errantly not reported due to a mainframe glitch at the Squad and Pilot News section. As a follow up to this story, the Solrain Faction Mission to build a Drop Tank Custom Producer was completed later this same day, 104.9.2, by pilot mukemutant.



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