**URGENT** CLAWS Watch Release

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-Def HQ)

******** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ********

From: Tache Uzelin, Director Defensive Operations
Attention all pilots, the CLAWS arrays, which were brought back online earlier today are showing a high level of energy fluctuations within Conflux Sectors, and from various anomalies throughout the factions. All pilots are advised that, effective 1400 Ekoo, the TRI Defense Condition (TRIDeCon) is upgraded to level 3. TRIDeCon Level 3 means that an attack is likely, but based on the CLAWS data, appears to be a small force. Given recent target selection demonstrated by the sentients, pilots are encouraged to use extreme caution in sectors containing Custom Producers and Subspace Transceivers. Pilots are also encouraged to proceed with extreme caution throughout Unregulated space, and should only travel there in groups, to improve their defense posture.

This warning will expire at unless it is updated or rescinded prior.


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