Conflux Claim Quantar

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(Quantar Core)  A lone C-8S Scout traveled through Quantar space last night, in what can only be characterized as a scouting mission of sorts. The C-8S entered Quantar space through the anomaly in the Outer Third sector. From there, it traveled to Callow’s Passage where it began circling and firing on the Subspace Transceiver. Pilot Reece was the first pilot to respond, but was chased off by drones to TriPoint Station. As the C-8S traveled, it seemed to drop infestations in a strategic pattern, apparently to make it more difficult for the pilots in pursuit to keep pace. There were several reports of pilots being trapped by the infestations. The Conflux scout, after it?s encounter with the Subspace Transceiver, headed toward Quantar Core, where it proceeded to the Glaive Custom Producer. After this, the C-8S completed its flight through Quantar space, returning to the Outer Third sector, where it appeared to leave through the same anomaly.

TRI-CSD released the following statement regarding last night’s raid:

“The conflux are up to something. The reports of the activities last night are very similar to the reports we received from a similar flight through Solrain space earlier. This is a troubling development. The conflux have an interest in our Subspace Transceivers, which could cripple our communications, and I shudder to consider the loss of a nuclear missile CP. All pilots are advised to use extreme caution, as the conflux are becoming more active. Also, it is encouraged that all pilots work on improving the stockpiles of nuclear missiles in all stations.

There were questions raised during last night’s raid as to the warning from the CLAWS array. We anticipate having both arrays online and fully operational within 48 hours. I would remind everyone that the Pulsar array was severely damaged, and while we were able to save the Aman Leap array from that same damage by taking it offline, there was damage to the transmitter, which has delayed its return to active service.”


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