Octavian Miners Get Depot

From the TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis

(Octavius Core)  Today, the Octavian Empire surprised everyone by announcing their intent to build an Ore Depot in Primus Point. In an unusual conference, all three Emperors of Octavius, led by Clements IV, offered the following statement:

“While we are loathe to embrace mining in any form, we are not willing to cast off those loyal Octavians who enjoy this work. We have been reviewing our current production capabilities, and in meeting with representatives of Octave Propulsion Labs, Octavius’ largest employer, Dorator, and Annihiltech, we are finding that, while we do not have problems at this time, we risk production difficulties should our current peace dissolve. We must ensure we are able to sustain our production levels, lest we become vulnerable to outside forces.”


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