Deregulation Pays Dividends

From the TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis

(Lexxor H.Q.)  Mnr Ozajar, Lexxor Intelligence spokesperson, released the following statement today:

“Today, the deregulation that TRI has undertaken begins to pay off. Lexxor has completed work on a new technology for the pilots of TRI. The Jammer, from Lexxor Intelligence, will revolutionize combat. This technology allows pilots to jam the guidance system of incoming missiles, presenting a “false target” for the missile to chase, allowing the pilot to escape. TRI Insurance feels so strongly that this will help to reduce claims that they have underwritten some of the R&D costs of this project. The deregulation we recently have undergone also helps us get this to market quicker, as it enables us to work with TRI to construct the Custom Producer. I hope this serves to quell those who question the wisdom of the deregulation of the corporations of TRI.”


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