Sentients Attack, Repair Team MIA

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ)  A lone C-10S again attacked TRI space, with an unexpected attack on the CLAWS array in Aman Leap. As with last night?s attack, there is no physical damage to the array. TRI-CSD personnel were alerted by the internal array processor to the energy fluctuations, and manually disabled the array after it was evident that there was a power issue, as was seen in last night?s attack. “We can only hope that by powering down the array we were able to save it from critical damage” said Dr. Calatorius, Director of the Conflux Studies Division.

“Of greater concern to us is that after the array was powered down, the repair team at the Pulsar array had repaired the array, and in testing, began a low-scale power up of the basic control systems. The C-10S seemed to somehow acknowledge that, as it proceeded from Aman Leap to Pulsar where it again began assaulting the Pulsar array. We lost contact with the repair team around 2130 Ekoo, and their final transmission is not encouraging. They reported they were attempting to relieve the power surges by a jettison of the internal reactor, attempting to use the capacitors as a storage system. Long-range scans are not encouraging. No reactor core has been located.

We require assistance from the pilots of TRI. We intend to leave the arrays powered down until we are able to better understand how the conflux is able to detect their operation. Also, we will not lose more men. We would like the pilots of TRI to serve as escort for us to send a team to the Pulsar array to determine the nature of the damage, and what has happened to our own. We intend to leave from Solrain Core station at approximately 2000 Ekoo. Your assistance is appreciated. We must be vigilant!!”


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